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Jersey Knight Asparagus (1-YEAR)

Jersey Knight Asparagus (1-YEAR)

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Brand: Asparagus
Product Code: Jersey Knight Asparagus (1-YEAR crowns)

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Jersey Knight Asparagus

(1-YEAR crowns)

  • Type: perennial in zones 3 to 8
  • Plant spacing: 12-18 inches apart
  • Plant size: 10-12 inches tall, 18-36 inch spread
  • 1-year crowns
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Jersey Knight asparagus boasts high yields and high quality spears.  This asparagus variety thrives in the south but is amazingly cold-hardy and will overwinter to zone 3, making it the most adaptive option on the market.  If you have drier, hotter conditions, or more clay soil, Jersey Knight asparagus plants may produce better for you than any other hybrid, and surprise you with with resilient industrial nature.

Stalks have green spears / purple bracts.  A mid-season asparagus variety, this plant matures to harvest a week or two after Jersey Supreme.  

Our asparagus plants are shipped bare-root from a licensed and inspected nursery. Stock Quality is 100% guaranteed!  Perennial plants.  Self-pollinating.  1-year plants.  

Did you know?  "The flavor of asparagus is distinctive. The shoots can be garnished with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. When using asparagus as a salad, always wait until serving time to add the dressing as the high acid content of most dressings will turn the spears yellow. Add fresh chives, savory, thyme, and tarragon to enhance the flavor of cooked asparagus."

As a grower, you’ll find Jersey Knight asparagus to be a hardy perennial, mostly requiring close care when planting/getting established, and during harvest season. But if properly planted and cared for, asparagus beds can produce for decades.

It’s one of the first vegetables that become ready for harvest in the spring, starting in early May. Production and harvest lasts for 6-8 weeks.

For best results, 1-year crowns should be used (reduced or no transplant shock). Plant the crowns in early spring, when the ground becomes workable. Plant 10-20 inches apart ... (read more)

Plant Spacing
12-18 inches apart may vary
1-year crowns
Ever-bearing; perennial

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