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AC WENDY Strawberry Plants

AC WENDY Strawberry Plants

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Brand: Strawberries
Product Code: AC WENDY Strawberry Plants, bare-root

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AC WENDY Strawberry Plants

  • Light: 8+ hours sun
  • Type: June-bearing; perennial in zones 4 to 8
  • Plant spacing: 12-24 inches apart
  • Plant size: 8-10 inches tall, 18-32 inch spread
  • Freezing Quality: Good
  • Fruit Size: Small
  • Firmness: Firm

AC Wendy was developed in Nova Scotia. The fruit is wedge-shaped to conic, with firm, bright red colored flesh. Wendy has excellent fresh flavor. Plants are vigorous and runner well. 

They flower very early, and are susceptible to frost in northern regions.  Trials showed Wendy to be highly productive, of good quality, and it held its fruit size throughout the season. We highly recommend this variety. Many of our customers report Wendy as being a consistent performer.  Very popular for U-Pick operations.

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Fruit Size
Small Y
Plant Size (mature)
8-10 inches tall, 16-30 inch spread Y
Plant Spacing
12-24 inches apart may vary
Self-pollinating Y
Early Y
June-bearing; perennial Y
4-8 Y

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